Download Modi Keynote App Rs 500 and Rs 2000 Modi Note App See Modi Message On Black Money Scan New Notes App.Just download the Modi Keynote Android application and scan the 500 or 2000 rs notes to view Modi message on Black Money and Corruption. Don’t believe rumours and create it. Just enjoy the app till we get change for 2000 rs notes. We urge people not to defame us we are just starting up.

Note: This app is just for fun. Not intended to check whether fake or original note. We want to pass the message given by Modi to more people with help of new technology.


One Thing Should Be Clear This Is Not Any official App By Govt Of India and Honable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Is Not Envolved In This. This App Is Only For Awareness and One Thing More There Is No Chip Inserted On The Notes of 500 and 2000.

How to Find Modi Message When you scan the Rs 500 or Rs 2000 :-

  1. Click Here & Download Modi KeyNote
  2. Install & Open Modi KeyNote App
  3. Than Scan the Note
  4. You will See Modi Message on Black Money
  5. Download Narendra Modi App Write Review On New Currency Notes
Video Tutorial How To Use Modi Keynote Apps To SCan Rs 2000 Note and See Message

This Modi Keynote App Is Only For Entertainment Purpose. The Video Is Feeded On Modi Keynote App, The Same Video is Showing On Scan Of All Notes.

After the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 we have seen a rise in the use of mobile wallets and net banking transactions. People have moved to using digital wallet apps like Paytm and Freecharge. While on one hand people are still finding it difficult to use the Rs 2,000 currency notes and are still finding ways to skip the long queues outside banks and ATMs, there is one startup which has already put the Rs 2,000 use into use. Of all the weird things we have heard since Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 went out of business this one wins through.

seeModi Key Note Is Fake and Prank App Removed From Playstore

Best- Download Narendra Modi App Write Review On New Currency Notes.

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Rs 2000 and 500 Modi note app, modi message on new notes of rs 500 and 2000 scanning




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