Trick How To use Jio Sim In 3g Mobile Phone All 3g Smarphone Full Guide

Use Jio Sim In 3g Mobile– Jio Net Is The Most Trending Topic Of India Reason is The Jio Is Giving Unlimited free 4g Internet upto 31st December to all 4g Android Smartphone User.If You Have a 4g Handset than You Are a Lucky If You DOnt Have and you owe a 3g Mobile Phone Than DOnt Worry Because In This Tutorial Today i Will Guide You How To Use Jio Sim Card On Your 3g Hand Set. Different Tricks to Use Jio Sim In 3g Mobile Is Listed Below Choose Your Favourable Mode To Run Your Jio Sim In 3g Handset Successfully. Earlier We Have Provide Many tips and Tricks For Jio sim and Many People Are Happy With It.


Before Using Jio sim In 3g Mobile Phone You Need to Generate a barcode To get a Jio Sim From a Digital Express Mini Or From Jio Store. See Below How To Generate Barcode for All 3g/4g Device.

Requirements For Using jio Sim In 3g Mobile

  1. Android 4.4 KitKat or above
  2. MediaTek chipset

Note- You Might Suffer Speed Loss Due To Your 3g Phone and Jio is Only Compatible to 4g and If You Want to Increase Speed See This Article

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{Method 1} For Mobile with Mediachipset Processor Enabled

This Is WOrking Trick For Many 3g Mobile Phones and Surely Will Work In 99% of The Mobile Phone So Before Trying This Trick You Must Now If Your device Has Mediachipset Processor Enabled.

How To Know if 3g Mobile Has “Mediatek Chipset” 

1) First of all, Download CPU-Z App from Playstore

2) Now Install and open the CPU-Z App after that.

4) Than wait few seconds it will Fetch your all device information and you will able to see your all your device information on the screen with the Help of CPU-Z App.

5) If your device is using “Mediatek Chipset” then it will show the Logo of Mediatek Chipset on the screen (See Image Below).


{Main Step} USe Jio Sim In 3g Mobile Mediatek Device

  1. Now Download MTK Engineering Mode app in your 3G device . {Mtk Engineering Mode App Actually Converts Your 3g Device To 4g}

2) With the help of MTK engineering mode Application we can run an advanced Setup from the Engineering Mode Menu of MTK phones (Also known as SERVICE MODE).

3. Open the MKT Engineering Mode App.

4. Now click on the “MTK Settings” and Select Network Selecting/Preferred Network Option.

5. Yes All Over, Now you can Select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM as network mode and you can save it.. Now Turn off your Device and Turn ON again.

6. Enter your (Active) Reliance Jio 4G sim in Your 3g Mobile and “Switch ON” your device and you will get the Reliance Jio Network. (Must be Your Jio Sim Activated Earlier).

{Method 2} Using Xorware 2G/3G/4G  App Use Jio Sim In 3g Mobile

1) First of all, Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher & Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App(Must download both Application).

2) Now Open Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App.

3) After That Select Network Mode to 4G LTE.

4) Than Click on Apply and make changes.

5) Thats All Over !! ENjoy Switch off your device and Insert Reliance Jio Sim and Switch ON your device again.

6) Now you can use Reliance Jio Sim in 3G Phone This Apps Makes Your Phone a Virtual 4g.

{Method 3} For a 3g Device Which Have Qualcomm Chipset Processor.

Hi Folks Dont Be Dismal If Above two Method Didnt Work For You or If Mediatek Chipset Trick Now Worked Than Must Try This Trick To Use Jio Sim In Your 3g Mobile Phone. So How To Know if Your 3g Device Has Qualcomm Chipset Processor.To Know Simply Visit Flipkart and Search Your Phone and See Its Features In Table See Processor.

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1) First of all, Download Shortcut Master (Lite) App Here

2) Install and open the Shortcut Master (Lite) App on your 3G android device.

3) Click on (Three dots which is available in Top right side).

4) Now Go To Menu then Search this keyword “Service Menu” Or ” Engineering Mode “

5) Then Select “System App” Option For Deep Search. If Found then open it and access to change LTE (4g) Bands If that doesn’t work,

OR Other Simpler way for above device to use jio sim in 3g

6) Once You Got the Engineering Mode , Open it and select Change LTE Bands.

7) If you are not able to see these option then you should Dial *#2263# then Select Menu and Click Back again then Select Menu.

8) Now Goto Key Input And Enter “0000” and after that you will the Get Popup.

9) Select UE Settings From that Popup, after that Select setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band> The Select “Band 40”.

10) That’s it, Now you can Insert Reliance Jio Sim in your 3G android device (Slot 1) and Check you are Getting Signals or Not.

11) Reboot your 3g device now.

Comment Down which Method Helps You to use jio sim in your 3g mobile Phone handset.

{4th Method} To Use Jio Sim In 3g Phone(Selected Phone)

  1. Open The Dailer Dail The USSD Code *#*#4636#*#*
  2. You Will Be see Testing Page Than Click On Phone Information.
  3. Goto Below You WIll See a Option Set Prefered Network Type.
  4. Select LTE/GSM AUTO PRL  Than Close It AFter Selecting.
  5. Turnoff Your Phone and Put YOur Jio SIm In your 1st Slot.(DOnt Put any Sim On 2nd Slot Leave It EMpty)
  6. Start YOur Phone YOu WIll se a Jio 4g Signal.


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