Jio Bar Code Redeemed Generate New Bar Code& its Solution

Jio Bar Code Redeemed Problem Solution Generate A New Bar Code On Same Mobile Phone,Yes This Big Issue Which Many Of Are Facing. But How It Is Possible If You If You Have Generated a Bar Code From Your Fresh and New Mobile Phone, Yes Many Of People are complaining about this i am too expirienced this issue, yes i have its solution Thats Why I am Posting About How To generate New Jio Bar Code If It is Showing Redeemed. Jio Bar Code Is Necessary To Get Jio Sim In Your 4g Handset and Get Free Unlimited Internet and Voice Calling Till 31st December 2017.

First Of All One Thing is clear That You Will Not Get Jio Sim At Any Case If Your Jio Bar Code is Showing Redeemed.You should Eagerly Want To Know The Reason Why This Error You Are Getting Jio Bar Code Redeemed If You Havent Used It Till Now So Either Your bar Code Is Used By Somene or Else It is Stolen By Others Or May be It is Technical Problem.Our Moto Is To Get New Bar Code On The Same Device Se Below How To Make This Possibe.

Bar Code Redeemed Meaning ???

When You Open Your Myjio Apk and Click On Get Jio SIm AFter That Enter Name Mobile Number and Verify It With One Time Password After Doing All This If You Are Getting This Image Like Below this means Your Bar Code Is Redeemed and It Will Not Work .

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How To Generate New Bar Code In Same Device

  1. By Using Old MyJio App Download

You Can Recover This By Downloading Old Myjio Apk On Your 4g handset and Click On Get Jio Sim Again Enter New Mobile Number [Must] and Verify With Otp You Will Get New Bar Code Through Which YOu Will Get Easily New Jio Sim.

You Will Find Old Myjio Apk In This Link- By Pass Jio 4gb Data Limit Per Day

2. Clearing Data and Cache Of Myjio Apk

Goto App Settings On Your Mobile Settings Than Open Myjio Apk and Clear Its Data and Cache after that Open MyJio Apk and Click On Get Jio Sim Again Enter New Mobile Number [Must] and Verify With Otp You Will See A New Bar Code

3. Book Complaint To Jio Customer Care

Jio Customer Care Number-198 For Complaint Booking With jio Sim

199– For General Information About Jio

1800-88-99999 Call This Number From Any Of Your Sim To Complain Jio Excutive and Tell Him Your Problem.

Oe EMail To Jio About Your Problem and Give Him a Redeemed Bar Code So That They Can Fix your Issue Jio Customer Care Email [email protected]

4.  Generate Jio Bar Code On Another Mobile Phone

Yes This Is a Last Solution Left if Non Of The ABove Tricks To Generate a New Bar Code On Same Device WOrks For You.Than Generate a New Bar Code On Other Device or Friends & Family Members Mobile Phone To Get a Jio Sim

So If Your Jio Bar Code Is Redeemed Showing Than so with These Above solutions You Will Get New Jio bar Code On Same Device So If You Like Our Tricks Tha Subscribe Our  and Join Our Official Facebook Group To Get Secrets Updates

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Jio Bar Code Redeemed Generate New Bar Code& its Solution
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