Jio Broadband Plans, JIO Fiber Connection,Invite& Speed 1Gbps

Relinace Jio Fiber Broadband Connection & Jio Fiber and Giga Fiber Plans As So Far If We Talk About Telecom Network Jio Is Already Leading and The Fastest Growing Network Of IndiaJio Has Managed to Make 50 Million User In Approx 6 Months and Is Still Counting So Reason Is Only a Jio Welcome Offer A Free 4g Internet + Voice Calling till 31st december.So Now Let Us Talk About The Jio Fiber Broadband Plans a Most Awaited Jio Plans Is Now Going To Reveal Here So Are You Excited To See?? Soon You Will Be Able To Get Relinace Jio Broadband Connection At Your Home easily and I am Sure You Must Through Away a Old Connection Of Airtel,Hathway and Like Tikona. Yes Jio Broadband Is Going To Change All Scenario With Its Giga Fiber Connection.

What Is The Speed Of Jio Fiber Broadband ??

This Is Only The First Question which Come On Your Mind, About a Speed Of Jio Broadband Connection and Are All Plans Of Jio Fiber Has Same Speed??  You Will Get A Speed Upto 1Gbps With a Jio Fiber Broadband, Are You Shocked ! Yes I am Saying 1 Giga Bytes Per Seconds. Jio Fiber Services Already Completed  its Testing Mode Now See All Details Below. So According To Plan You Can Enjoy A Speed Which Vary From 1gbps to 120Mbps For Household, Socities, Companies and Offices

Speed Test has Been Already Done , and Have Recorded A Speed of  743.28Mbps See Below Shots Now


Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Tariff Plans : Its Speed, Data Volume & Validity

Now We Are Finally Coming Up In The Plans Of Jio Broadband. All Plans are Not Announced Officially But We Have Come To Know About This From Other News Sources.You Can Able To Enjoy All Premium Services Of Like Jiotv, Jio Cinema and Jio Beats.

Plans and Pricing of Jio Fibre Broadband Connection May Vary At Later Time. All Plans and Jio Broadband Offers Details Are Mentioned

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Jio Fiber Plans Speed Data Usage App Usage Price Validity
Jio Broadband Plan 1 50mbps 2000GB Free Rs 1500 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 2 100mbps 1000GB Free Rs 2000 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 3 200mbps 750GB Free Rs 3500 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 4 400mbps 500GB Free Rs 4000 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 5 600mbps 300GB Free Rs 5500 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 6 No Cap 5 GB/day Free Rs 1000 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 7 No Cap 10 GB/day Free Rs 2000 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 8 No Cap 20 GB/day Free Rs 3000 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 9 No Cap 40 GB/day Free Rs 4000 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 10 No Cap 60 GB/day Free Rs 5000 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 11 No Cap 300GB Free Rs 500 1 day
Jio Broadband Plan 12 No Cap 600GB Free Rs 1500 7 days
Jio Broadband Plan 13 No Cap 1000GB Free Rs 3000 15 days
Jio Broadband Plan 14 No Cap 4000GB Free Rs 7500 30 days
Jio Broadband Plan 15 No Cap 7500GB Free Rs 12000 60 days
Jio Broadband Plan 16 No Cap 3000GB Free Rs 8000 90 days
Jio Broadband Plan 18 No Cap 6000GB Free Rs 10000 180 days
Jio Broadband Plan 19 No Cap 10,000GB Free Rs 20000 365 day

Jio Fibres Broadband Special offer

Jio Broadband Offers Data Usage Apps Usage Price Validity
Jio Broadband Offer 1 600GB @ 15mbps Free Rs 500 30 days
Jio Broadband Offer 2 500GB @ 25mbps Free Rs 1000 30 days
Jio Broadband Offer 3 3.5 GB/day Free Rs 500 15 days
Jio Broadband Offer 4 72 Hours @ 60mbps Free Rs 500 30 days
Jio Broadband Offer 5 10mbps unlimited Free Rs 800 30 days
Jio Broadband Offer 6 1 day unlimited Free Rs 400 1 day

Jio fiber Broadband Add-on Packs

Jio Fiber AddOn Packs Data Usage Price Validity
Jio Broadband Pack 1 50GB Rs 500 As per base plan
Jio Broadband Pack 2 100GB Rs 1000 As per base plan
Jio Broadband Pack 3 200GB Rs 1500 As per base plan
Jio Broadband Pack 4 24 hours Rs 600 As per base plan
Jio Broadband Pack 5 72 hours Rs 800 As per base plan
Jio Broadband Pack 6 100mbps Rs 2000 As per base plan

Note: Above plans will be updated once official details launch.

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Jio Fiber Broadband Router Price Rs 6000 and Availability

Routers For jio Broadband Is Priced Rs 6000, You Will Think That Its Price Is Too Much High , No There is A Reason Behind That.Jio fiber Broadband router to come with 1Gbps speed for FTTH broadband downloads and 1Gbps+ speed for LAN connection.And A Lyf Company is Manufacturing Jio Fibre Router. A Lyf is a Official Company Of Relinace Jio Who Is Making This Router Soon It WIll Be officially Available In Reliance Jio Store Or Lyf Mobile Store That Is Digital Express Mini.


How To Get Jio Fibre Broadband Connection At Home

Relinace Jio Broadband Plan Is In Testing Mode Now So It  Is Not Available For All Cities now It is Available on Selected cities Now Like Mumbai, Chennai ,Banglore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and New Delhi. If Its Is Not Available Than Dont Worry soon This Facility Will Be available At Your Nearest City . The Service Provided Is Same Jio Stores and Digital Express Mini Stores.

Jio May Soon Announce A Jio Welcome Or Preview Giga Fiber Offer Or May Not.

Jio Fiber Connection Invite, Jio Broadband Preview & Welcome

Same As Jio Preview Offer Jio Fiber Broadband Preview Offer Is Also There.Those You Got Invite Only Can Able To Get Connection and Full Benifits Of Jio Fiber Preview Offer and Welcome Offer.

Currently Invites For Jio Fiber Broadband Connection Has Given Only To Few Socities and People For Testing Purpose.Invites Has Been Only Given To Few People Residing In Cities  Mumbai and Chennai Only

Soon This Broadband Preview Offer Will Be Available To All Circles and State Of India After 31 St December 2016. So If Jio Broadband Service Will Start YOu Will Get Notified Through Email Must Subscribe To Our Website



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