Airplane mode, what is it for and when should I use it?

Today, in The VerifiedLoot, we show you what exactly does the airplane mode that exists on your Android device, and all the uses that you can give that mode.

A feature that fools Android newcomers is the plane mode. A mode that, when activated, causes the mobile device to lose (almost) all the connectivity it has predetermined. It does not allow us to call anyone, or connect to the Internet with our data rate, or receive SMS and a long etcetera.

Almost everyone knows what it is for at this point, but it never hurts to explain it in depth and tell you little tricks that you can use with this airplane mode.

What is the purpose of airplane mode?

The airplane mode has that name because of the obligation that existed before to turn off the mobile phones during a flight. This obligation was lifted in all phases of the flight when airplane mode began to be fully extended to mobile phones and other devices, all by a prevention measure created to avoid interference with aircraft systems.

Also, there is a good reason to use airplane mode, and it has nothing to do with aircraft systems: the further away we are from an antenna, the more energy our Android will use to connect to an antenna and stay connected to the network. As you will understand, mobile networks do not reach the commercial flight altitude of flights (unless they have that service on the plane beforehand), so we save a good amount of energy by enabling airplane mode while we are in the air. Well, Fell free to check the list of smartphones below 10000 INR in India for 4000+ mAH smartphone for long battery backup.

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While your Android is in plane mode, you cannot keep any wireless connections, since they are disabled for security. You can always use functions that do not require a connection, but there are several connections that you can re-activate by hand once you have activated the airplane mode:

  • WiFi | Many airplanes already incorporate WiFi on board for passengers, in addition to WiFi networks acting in low-frequency bands, so there is no danger that interferes with aircraft systems.
  • Bluetooth | You can also continue to pair devices through Bluetooth, transfer files wirelessly, or listen to music through your wireless headphones without any problems.

You can activate this mode by entering the network settings, or by keeping the power button off until the window with the airplane icon pops up, an airplane appears in the notification bar as an indication that it is active. Knowing all this, there may be times when it is more convenient to use airplane mode for several reasons. A few uses you can give are the following:

When we are on a Real Airplane

The most obvious and reasonable reason that can happen to us for all that we have just told you. That if you do not want to face all the crew members if they realize, and possibly staying on land as you are very stubborn, given that it is a standard imposed by the European Aviation Safety Authority.

When we are in a place where it is mandatory (hospitals, laboratories, etc.)

There are places where smartphones and mobile phones can cause interference with equipment installed on the same site (such as precision instruments) or are directly annoying with notifications and calls. Hospitals are one of the most common places, and in those cases, the best thing to do is to get rid of problems and activate airplane mode when you are asked to do so.

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When we are away from an antenna

This follows the same logic as the range of antennas when we are on a flight: if we are far from an antenna on land, Android will spend more battery to get a stable connection. If you know beforehand that this is going to happen, you can activate the plane mode to conserve battery that you would lose to the silly thing.

Save battery when needed

If you need a battery and you are very far from a plug, activate the plane mode is like activating a power saving mode to the beast in the connections: cut them all, so that no more battery going in that direction. If you combine it with a real power saving mode, you have a battery saving that can only be overcome by turning off your Android.

Do not be bothered and hide from the world

If you cut all connections in an increasingly connected world, it is as if you would become unclonable for a large number of your contacts. You may want to cut these connections for several reasons:

  • Sleep without interruptions with the certainty that your alarms and local notifications will sound
  • Want to take a moment of peace and tranquility without being interrupted
  • Be Edward Snowden and be in real danger, or be a paranoid fuck. In that case, you’d better get a Faraday cage.

What uses do you give?

It is certain that we have left some use that any of you can give to the airplane mode of your devices.

Airplane mode, what is it for and when should I use it?
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