UC News Independence Day Offer: Win One Plus 5 & Upto Rs 50 Free Paytm Cash

UC News Independence Day Offer: Win One Plus 5 & Upto Rs 50 Free Paytm Cash. Hello Readers, Today Again on the Occasion of Independence Day, UC News Offering One Plus 5 & Rs 50 Free Paytm Cash. You just have to collect 6 Cards go win One plus 5. You can collect cards by referring Your friends or reading news. So Hurry up guys follow simple steps & grab your one plus 5 & free paytm cash.

Download UC News App from here to collect your Cards

Uc News Independence day Offer

How to Get Upto Rs 50 Free Paytm Cash & One Plus 5: Uc news Independence day Offer

  • First of all, Download UC News App from here
  • Now Install & open it
  • Then Click on “ME” Tab & Click on I-Day Special Offer.
  • Now Collect your 6 cards to win One Plus 5
  • If you collect all of 6 different cards, you can definitely redeem the free OnePlus 5.
  • If you collect 5 different cards, you will have the chance to redeem the free Paytm Cash.

How to collect the 6 different Freedom cards?

  • UC News or UC Browser users can get cards by visiting and reading news for at least 10 seconds but no more than 60 seconds.
  • Each day you can get 4 cards at most in this way.
  • You can also click on the “Give me card” button to ask your friends give you cards directly.
  • They can click on the link you share to give you the card.
  • You can get unlimited cards in this way per day.
  • Each card has a special meaning. You can share the blessings of Freedom with the ones you love with these touchng cards.

Prizes of UC News Independence Day Offer:

(1) OnePlus 5 (The Ultimate Prize)
(2) Rs. 50 Paytm Cash
(3) Rs. 20 Paytm Cash
(4) Rs. 10 Paytm Cash
(5) Rs. 1 Paytm Cash

Terms & conditions of UC News Independence Day Offer:

  • Activity Period : August 14, 2017 08:00:00 – August 20, 2017 23:59:59(IST)

How to win the prize in Uc News Independence day Offer?

  • You shall be a UC News user with India nationality.
  • If you collect all of 6 different cards, you can definitely redeem the free OnePlus 5.
  • If you collect 5 different cards, you will have the chance to redeem the free Paytm Cash.
  • The 6 different Freedom cards includes Revolutionary card,Heroic card,Fearless card,Selfless card,Confident card and Brave card.

How to bring your prizes home in UC News Independence Day Offer?

  • When you get the 6 different cards together, click on “Redeem” button on homepage to fill in your personal infomation and get your
  • free OnePlus 5.
    Don’t lose heart even if you don’t win the OnePlus 5.
  • Click on “Prizes” button to check whether you win a prize.
  • If you win a prize, please click on the “Fill in information” button to complete your contact information correctly.
  • Prizes will only be deliverd to winners with correct information.
  • You can revise your contact information before August 22, 2017 23:59:59 (WIB).
  • Your contact information will be only used on prize delivery.
  • Prizes will be delivered before October 5,2017 to those who submit valid information.
  • We reserve the right not to deliver the prize to the winners who submit incorrect or incomplete information.
  • All the pictures of the prizes are only for your reference.
  • Cheating ruins the game experience for legitimate players, and we will not tolerate it.
  • If we caught you cheating, by registering accounts on the same phone or using cheating programs, etc, you would not win any prizes.
  • Kindly do not uninstall UC Browser or UC News during the campaign. UC Browser or UC News is not responsible for your information/prizes lost caused by your uninstallation.
  • If you have any question or suggestion, please contact our administrator on UC Browser FB community, or you can write down in the “Feedback” at upper right corner.
  • In case of force majeure factor or unpredictable situation(Including natural disaster, forbidden from goverment, system error for suspension, serious network attack), UCweb has right to apply relevant laws and regulations to advocate exemption.

Term & Condition
General provisions

  1. The Promotional Event is a part of an advertising campaign for the Organizer and is focused on growing awareness on its services, forming or maintaining public interest towards them and promoting them in the market.
  2. The Event is not a lottery or other risk-based activity and does not itself aim at profit making and is conducted in accordance with these rules of conducting Promotional Event (the “Rules”).
  3. The Rules include the information in relation to the Event and users can obtain additional information about the Organizer of the Event, the rules of the Event conducting, the quantity of awards following the Event, period, place and procedure for the receipt of awards by writing down in the “Feedback” at upper right corner.
    Territory of the Event
  4. The Event takes place in India in the Internet for all India users of UC News and UC Browser.

Organizer of the Event:

  • The organizer of the Event is UCWeb Group of Companies (the “Organizer”).
  • Period and Terms and Conditions of the Event, procedure for picking the Winners
  • The Event will be held from August 14, 2017 08:00:00- August 20, 2017 23:59:59 (WIB) (both dates inclusive) (the “Period of the Event”), users shall follow the directions and rules set forth in the campaign page to participate in the Event.
  • The Awards will be sent out to the Winners before October 5, 2017. (“the Delivery period”)
  • All actions contemplated by these Rules are completed and recorded by the Organizer at the time of Indonesian Time.
  • Any time specified in these Rules should be considered as time of India Time.
  • Postponing or advancing might happen considering the network environment and the time difference, the final launching time depend on the actual situation and lies at the sole discretion of the Organizer and no disputes will be entertained in this regard.

Procedure and terms for the receipt of Awards

  • If the Participant has received a notification that he/she is a Winner, the Organizer will request the Participant to provide his/her address or other contact information, identity information or certificates(“the winner’s information”) at the Organizer’s request to receive the Award through the notification page or through other way that the Organizer recognized before August 22, 2017 23:59:59.
  • Only India address is valid.
    By sending a request to the Participant to provide the winner’s information the Organizer sends an offer to enter into an agreement on the receipt of the Award. By submitting the contact information to the Organizer the Participant accepts the offer and enters into an agreement with the Organizer.
  • If the Participant fails to submit his/her winner’s information to receive the Award as required by these rules, the Participant will be deemed to have refused the Award and waived any and all rights to claim the receipt of the Award.
  • Any Award in kind will be send to the winner by mail to the address specified for the delivery of the Award within the period specified in clause 4.3. hereof.
  • The delivery of the Award is exercised at the expense of the Organizer and the date of delivery shall be the date of transfer of the Award to the post service.
  • Certain of kind Award may need winner’s in person delivery, the winner shall go to the designated address to obtain the Award in person according to Organizer’s requirement.
  • The Award is regarded delivery when Organizer has mailed the Award according to the contact information the winner submitted, or when the ownership of the Award was transferred to the winner for Direct to Site delivery.
    The Organizer shall not be responsible for any Award related application process and expense, including but not limited to the registrations, the insurance, the tax.
    The Organizer shall not be liable for information incorrectly given by the Winner.
  • If the Organizer cannot contact the Winner at the indicated contact information and the Winner does not get in touch with the Organizer during the period specified in clause 5.1 hereof, the Winner is considered as having refused from its status as a Winner and from the rights to claim for the receipt of the Award.
    Participants of the Event
  • UC News or UC Browser users who are located in India and comply with these Rules and meet the requirements established by the Rules are called the Participants.
  • The Participants of the Event must be persons capable of entering into contracts and who have attained the age required by law to participate in such activities in accordance with the national legislation of the Participant.
  • The Participants of the Event cannot be employees and representatives of the Organizer, affiliated with the Organizer persons, their family members as well as employees and representatives of other entities involved in the organization of the Event as well as their family members.
  • The Winner has a tax duty to pay the income tax for the Awards in accordance with the applicable law unless otherwise agreed by the Organizer.
  • The part of income tax will be deduted from the cash prizes. By taking part in the Event the Participants are considered as duly informed about their tax duties.
  • The Participants have the rights and obligations established by the current legislation of Indonesia and by these Rules.
  • If a participant is suspected to be cheated in this game according to the system checkout, his/her may lost the chance to continue to play the game.
  • If a participant is proved to be cheated in this game, his/her prizes won in this game will be cancel. The game is not available for cheated participants.
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Award fund Uc News Independence Day Offer

  1. The Awards shall subject to the rules set forth in the event page. The quantity of the Awards is limited and only the Winners will receive the Awards.
  2. Awards are not transferrable and cannot be exchanged, replaced and redeemed for cash when initially transferred to the Winners by the Organizer, unless otherwise agreed by the Organizer.
  3. The Organizer will not store the contact information of the Participants; the contact information will be removed after the expiry of the Delivery period.
  4. Awards which have not been requested by the Winners are recognized as unclaimed and may be used by the Organizer at its discretion.

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UC News Independence Day Offer: Win One Plus 5 & Upto Rs 50 Free Paytm Cash
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