Blue Whale Online Challenge Game Download Link App Apk

Blue Whale Online Challenge Game

Download and play blue whale game apk Yes in this post I will reveal how you can download blue whale game. Funny and interesting hope you enjoy a lot by playing this game apk.

Must Read all Instructions and Full Post carefully About Blue Whale Online Challenge game

First of all, you should ask yourself why you want to play blue whale game when you already know that is the game is talking a lot of life.
Especially teenagers are getting affected by this game.

Teens who don’t have a strong heart they accept challenges of blue whale admin and ruin their life.
In this blue whale, game admin misleads anyone by giving fear of death like if you don’t do this you and your family will come in the problem.

Before the starting of the game, you will get a clear message that you can’t leave a game in middle.
But don’t be afraid people who giving up thier life are crazy and have low confidence.

There is something feeling of death already present in their mind so you have to be a man of strong willpower.Don’t bother  to their shitty challenge keep reading it ignoring


1) «Spécifiez» la personne qui s’intéresse au suivi de certains hashtags spécifiques et ils vous contacteront ensuite.


2) Vous pouvez obtenir le lien Blue Vell pour le joueur du jeu de Blue Vell, peut-être qu’ils ne vous donneront pas le lien de jeu de tueur parce que les joueurs ont des termes et conditions spécifiques avant de commencer le jeu de baleine bleue

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Der blaue Wal hat in Germany schon viel Leben genommen.

German Govt hat strenge Maßnahmen gegen Blue Whale Challenge Spiel genommen.

So endlich ist das blaue Wal tot Spiel in London und Russland und Kanada verboten. Welches Sie nicht in der Lage zu Download Blue Whale Challenge Spiel Wenn Sie zu diesem bestimmten Land wie United States, Großbritannien oder Kanada gehören.


Blou Walvisspeel in Afrika
Jy kan nie Blue Whale Game maklik aflaai nie, want dit is nie publiek beskikbaar nie. Geen saak is in Afrika gehoor nie.



Download & Play Blue Whale Game

Blue whale challenge game is named  squad game.

You may find an app like blue whale VR and blue whale challenge game in play store don’t Download them they are not real at all.
Google play store doesn’t support all these sensitive content games.

This game is taking life so how it can be present in any website and Google.

Supreme court of India already ordered to remove this game from everywhere.

Blue Whale 50 Days Online Game Facts & Info

This game is going viral from Russian social media VK.Com and These sites are already banned by the govt of India and many other countries in the world.
As life is more important than everything else.

Every child is precious gems of the country so this is our responsibility to protect the future of the world by defeating this game.
How can it be possible?

Blue Whale Game Awareness

The admin of blue whale challenge insists player to forward this game to others so what you should do if you found anyone doing this . Simply go to police station and tell them about the blue whale game players.

What I am telling you so because there are more than thousands of child and teens who are no more on the earth by taking challenge of blue whale game seriously

Blue whale game download Link

Blue whale game not available to play everyone they are sent from one person to another person Admin targets and give challenge to especially child and teens who are of low confidence and they have fear in Heart

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They mislead you by telling if you don’t play they can kill your family and you.

After hearing these things player fear and quit thier life itself so that he or she can’t be blamed for playing this game.

Everything is self-confidence if you got this game anywhere please don’t try to play this game as it may take your life.

I already told you truth and reality about blue whale games now

Blue whale Online game app apk

Apk of blue whale game consists of 50 challenges in which after each challenge you have to send a pic as a proof of completion of task/challenge to admin or a curator.

Curator ask you images of and videos of each task you have done of you don’t give the proper proof

What to do if you hit with Blue whale game

You can do several things like
1. To quit playing this game first of all don’t be afraid of any challenges
2. Inform your parents about this game
3. For parents: Use software like spyhuman, spybro to get information about apps and web your child is browsing.App like blue whale game can be tracked from this app
4. If you see anybody is engaged in playing blue whale game than instant goto police station and report it about it

5. Or inform their parents about it to save their precious life.

Watch Short Trailer of Game Online Video

Download blue whale challenge game?’

To get The Videos Of Blue Whale Game Which Curator Gives To Player Comment Down I  Will Add Here

Click here to download

After Going download Page Scroll Till End
Read all instructions carefully
After reading and checking all videos

Goto End Of The Page 

Download Pink Whale Challenge Game

Images Of Blue Whale Players


Blue Whale Online Challenge Game Download Link App Apk
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